NEW YORK cheesecake $10

creamy cheesecake + raspberry and blood orange compote

Sfogliatelle $10

flaky pastry + sweet ricotta cream + powdered sugar

cassatina $10

pistachio marzipan + sweet ricotta cream + chocolate + sponge cake

Baked Cassata $10

baked ricotta cheesecake + chocolate chips + powdered sugar

Tiramisu $10

soaked lady fingers + espresso + sweet mascarpone cream

sfinci $10

fried dough + ricotta cream + powdered sugar

Cassatelle $10

fried sweet dough + sweet ricotta cream + chocolate chips + powdered sugar

Chocolate Profiteroles $10

sweet pastry puff + chocolate cream + powdered sugar

Cannoli Siciliano $10

crisp cannoli shell + sweet cream + candied citrus + chocolate 

sicilian dessert board

$8 per person / 4 person min. 

sampling of house made Sicilian desserts


cappuccino  4

espresso  3


*Since most items are cooked to order, Arizona state food code requires us to inform you that consuming raw or uncooked meats, seafoods or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

These items are served raw, uncooked or cooked to order, may contain raw or uncooked ingredients. while we offer gluten free, our kitchen is not gluten free.